Self Improvement

Choices Influences Future

Look! How Small Choices can change your life…


Around the clock, we decide something to do or not to do, meaning we make different choices in our routine. Choices are the part of our life and a choice decides our self-control and self-discipline.

Let’s understand this to look at some good and bad choices, we make in a day:

–Choice to wake up early rather than put the alarm on snooze.

–Choice to do all tasks on time rather than to delay the task on to another day.

–Choice to use Stairs rather than lift

–Choice to drink water rather than Cold drink

–Choice to wake up and do some exercise rather than to wake up in rush.

–Choice to read a page of a motivated book rather than watch stupid videos.

I know what you think…that, it takes a long time to make any change. Now, Look at the big picture, At least you are doing something if you make these small changes.

Remember, something is better than nothing.

These small decisions will make big changes in your life. So, replace the small bad choices to good healthy choices. It increases your self-discipline, which is strongly needed for living happy and successful life.

Stay Happy. Keep Moving. Don’ Stop.

Self Improvement

Move Forward


Today I watched  a video by ‘Evan Carmichael’ on ‘Top 10 Rules of Amitabh Bachchan’. His Rules of life simple but effective. By his face he look like a wise, sensible, and thoughtful human being, I know its kind of same.  But, You know what, Some people are just so amazing while describe some idea.

While I am watching video, I like his second rule the most is ‘MOVE FORWARD’. He tells a story in the second rule. That story is somewhere unique but extremely motivated.

The Story is:

His father goes for a walk every day from around 3 to 5. He develops a taste for looking at rocks and finding some kind of image or figure in it. He bring the rock at home with some paint brush strokes he bring out that image or leave a stone like that, and say look! It looks like a bird, that looks like a human etc.

One day he came back from walk and woke me up at 6 in the morning and said, I got something which I cannot bring it in. So, come with me and help me to lift the thing I brought. I went to the gate and there was a huge rock. I told him we cannot lift this alone; we need 10-20 people to bring this huge rock inside.

I asked him how to let this big rock come up to the gate. He said, one day I went for walk he saw this rock and I saw something in this rock so, every day I went for a walk I moved that rock by an inch and came back and in 3 months It landed up at the gate.

Conclusion: If we keep pushing something daily, It may look small but some day it becomes the big achievement. So Move Forward. Keep Pushing Yourself to do something. May be one day you will be proud on yourself.

Web Design

The Secret To Connect more Clients With Your Business

When you just start your Business , The First question in your mind is,

How can you find Clients for your Business?

The first and basic requirement is let people know you with your Brand. when you meet Someone, you describe your business to them and in the end, you want to give them contact details,

So the first option to give the contact detail

  1. Digitally like on the Phone or
  2. you can your name and number on some paper

But that methods are not effective. People forget you as you leave them.

So What You think How can you give your Contact Details to Someone effectively that creates the personal engagement between you and your client.

Let me tell you the Best option to create the personal engagement is to share your Contact Details with your “Business Card“.

Yes! It’s an easy and Effective way to share your Brand among people.

and now the question arise How Your Business Card look like? Hmmm.

Well it’s not the Rocket Science to think about How your Business card look like..

it should be simple with good graphics and perfect color scheme that reflects you and your Brand. Some times its Just the Colors and Shapes of Business Cards that describe your brand in no time.

Stay with me.. in the Next Post We Discuss more about Business Cards.



Self Improvement

Start small..

My mind gets stuck all the time because i did not find any job. I got frustrated and during this period i just want to learn something that makes me strong. So i just listen motivational videos from youtube and read articles from some blog, read quotes that will inspire me, watch pinterst posts, think ideas of some kind of business..these all things are temporary instead of that,at  some point these all are all makes me to think something else. 
Today, i learn to create mini habits. 

Habits are a part of our life. In daily routine we have so many habits and we don’t notice about that, like check notifications on phones all the time, does not matter we are at work or with friends. 

People want to woke up early morning but that habit, they can’t maintain it because they find it tough and it create a burden on their mind. So they just leave it.

So for them who want to make them early birds should create mini habits. They should start to wake up just 15 minutes from their time..after some days if u maintain this 15 minutes early waking up then you should increase other 15 minutes. Then after some time you will became early bird. 

Web Design

CSS Positions

textgram_1491883428There are four positions of elements in CSS.
1) Static
2) Relative
3) Absolute
4) Fixed
So, the default position of each element static.

html file
Css File

web page(result of above Code)

I have these three elements (div). Their positions on page are static. with static positions the elements on screen look like above..

Every element take their position from top-left corner of the page or element.


If I change the position of the second div’s position to RELATIVE:

1) It does not change anything in the page..

Css File

web page(result of above Code)

until you set the top, left, bottom, right properties of that elements.

if i set the second div’s top:10px and with the position relative


it does not effect the first and third element. just the second element get down to come over the third element but it does not change the position of the third element.


In that way the Relative positioned element does not disturb the other elements. It slide over or down other elements but never disturbs the position of other elements.
If I change of the second element to ABSOLUTE
1) Absolute positioned elements disturb the elements below it.

2) All elements below the absolute positioned elements move upwards to take the position of the upper elements.
3) All element take the top-left corner as a origin. So the absolute positioned element take the position like above.

Absolute position works relative to its parent.

in the above example there is no parent of second div. if we set a parent of  second divabsolute_codeabsolute_cssabsolute12

Now see what happen.

1) we set the parent to the position relative

2)set the second div’s top to 10px

3) now  its top-left origin is changed from first div to parent div. and it takes its position relative to its parent not first div.

4) it comes down 10px from parent div.

Absolute positioned element actually floats on the screen. it does not take any extra space but it positioned top of the lower divs. we can move the absolute positioned elements anywhere on the screen by changing its top, left, right, bottom properties.

If i change the position of div to Fixed

  1. its pretty much behaves like absolute but the major difference in between the two is the div with fixed property relative to the body instead of its parent
  2. whenever you fix the position of element there is no effect of scrolling on it, because its position set to fixed.


if you want to display some advertisement or menu on the web page with fixed position then it always remain displayed on the screen. no matter how much scrolling you do..

for better understanding watch this video on youtube

My Day

It’s Apr 6,2017

Hmmm… Just started my day with a cup pf coffee having alot of things in my mind. Things like about the blog posts, what to write, what to not, my day and the list is so long. 

Well, I started my blog for my improvement. I can share my ideas in this blog so I would know whats on my mind all the time. 

Second I want to improve my English skills and my vocabulary list. 

Just now, One idea came to mind that i share my new words and some sentences in the blog. In that way it saves forever and I can read and learn anytime. 


I think i learn just now that if u start something. Many ideas will come to your mind because Mind is just so amazing. If we start doing right things it helps us to grow.. 

Web Design

Problems I had faced Making my Web Page Using “div”

  1. Make the Content of the ‘container’ div in center of screen or another center of another div. set the margins of the div..
  2. Set the content of the div in vertically Middle.
  3. Make the Navigation Menu with the <ul> tag tag. Set the following attributes of <ul> and <li> tag
    <ul style="list-style:none">
    <li style="float:left">// if you want your menu horizontal
  4. otherwise no need to set the float attribute