Self Improvement

Start small..

My mind gets stuck all the time because i did not find any job. I got frustrated and during this period i just want to learn something that makes me strong. So i just listen motivational videos from youtube and read articles from some blog, read quotes that will inspire me, watch pinterst posts, think ideas of some kind of business..these all things are temporary instead of that,at  some point these all are all makes me to think something else. 
Today, i learn to create mini habits. 

Habits are a part of our life. In daily routine we have so many habits and we don’t notice about that, like check notifications on phones all the time, does not matter we are at work or with friends. 

People want to woke up early morning but that habit, they can’t maintain it because they find it tough and it create a burden on their mind. So they just leave it.

So for them who want to make them early birds should create mini habits. They should start to wake up just 15 minutes from their time..after some days if u maintain this 15 minutes early waking up then you should increase other 15 minutes. Then after some time you will became early bird. 


1 thought on “Start small..”

  1. Awesome post,,,,i appreciate your effort,,,keep it up,,,,some one has told me a great line to move on,,i tell you the same…….” it takes guts to get out of rusts”. ,,,,,,,,,,,


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