Self Improvement

Move Forward


Today I watched  a video by ‘Evan Carmichael’ on ‘Top 10 Rules of Amitabh Bachchan’. His Rules of life simple but effective. By his face he look like a wise, sensible, and thoughtful human being, I know its kind of same.  But, You know what, Some people are just so amazing while describe some idea.

While I am watching video, I like his second rule the most is ‘MOVE FORWARD’. He tells a story in the second rule. That story is somewhere unique but extremely motivated.

The Story is:

His father goes for a walk every day from around 3 to 5. He develops a taste for looking at rocks and finding some kind of image or figure in it. He bring the rock at home with some paint brush strokes he bring out that image or leave a stone like that, and say look! It looks like a bird, that looks like a human etc.

One day he came back from walk and woke me up at 6 in the morning and said, I got something which I cannot bring it in. So, come with me and help me to lift the thing I brought. I went to the gate and there was a huge rock. I told him we cannot lift this alone; we need 10-20 people to bring this huge rock inside.

I asked him how to let this big rock come up to the gate. He said, one day I went for walk he saw this rock and I saw something in this rock so, every day I went for a walk I moved that rock by an inch and came back and in 3 months It landed up at the gate.

Conclusion: If we keep pushing something daily, It may look small but some day it becomes the big achievement. So Move Forward. Keep Pushing Yourself to do something. May be one day you will be proud on yourself.


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