Self Improvement

Choices Influences Future

Look! How Small Choices can change your life…


Around the clock, we decide something to do or not to do, meaning we make different choices in our routine. Choices are the part of our life and a choice decides our self-control and self-discipline.

Let’s understand this to look at some good and bad choices, we make in a day:

–Choice to wake up early rather than put the alarm on snooze.

–Choice to do all tasks on time rather than to delay the task on to another day.

–Choice to use Stairs rather than lift

–Choice to drink water rather than Cold drink

–Choice to wake up and do some exercise rather than to wake up in rush.

–Choice to read a page of a motivated book rather than watch stupid videos.

I know what you think…that, it takes a long time to make any change. Now, Look at the big picture, At least you are doing something if you make these small changes.

Remember, something is better than nothing.

These small decisions will make big changes in your life. So, replace the small bad choices to good healthy choices. It increases your self-discipline, which is strongly needed for living happy and successful life.

Stay Happy. Keep Moving. Don’ Stop.


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